Completed group trips from NiCe Dive & Trips

Completed Group Tours 2024

Group Trip Djibouti 

Our group trip with NiCe Dive & Trips has taken place. We visited Lac Abbe, Lac Assal, and the Neem Farm. Afterwards, we embarked on a diving safari in the Gulf of Anden and Goubeth, and also visited the renowned diving site, The Crack.

When: January 29th - February 11th, 2024
Tour: Djibouti City, Lac Abbe, Lac Assal, Neem Farm and Liveaboard
Guided by Nina from NiCe Dive & Trips

Group Trip to Saudi Arabia (Completed)

Away from mass tourism, vibrant and healthy underwater world, and excellent chances for fantastic underwater sightings (e.g., hammerhead sharks, giant schools of fish).

Tour: southern Reefs Farasan Banks Saudi Arabia

Group Trip to Saudi Arabia (Completed)

Saudi Arabia is the ultimate top destination in the Red Sea region. KSA opened its doors to tourists in 2019. Divers can look forward to an almost untouched underwater world.

Tour: northern Reefs Farasan Banks Saudi Arabia

Group Trip to Saudi Arabia (Completed)

ONE OF THE GREATEST MARINE MIGRATIONS IN THE WORLD, the Sardine Run in South Africa. We were accompanied by absolute shark expert Walter Bernardis and Jason from African Watersports.

Tour: Port St. Johns, Wild Coast South Africa

Completed Group Trips 2023

We explored the waters of Saudi Arabia, away from mass tourism, embracing the spirit of "Gaudi in Saudi," and relaxing both above and below the water.

When: March 11 - March 18, 2023
Route: Farasan Banks
Guided by Nina from NiCe Dive & Trips
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Next, we ventured to Nosy Be and the surrounding islands in Madagascar. Numerous excursions, including a visit to Lokobe National Park, and engaging presentations by Mario Passoni (World Sustainability Foundation), rounded off the journey.

When: September 25 - October 4, 2023
Where: Nosy Be, Madagascar
Guided by Nina from NiCe Dive & Trips and Mario Passoni from the World Sustainability Foundation