Nina Dittrich

For those who know me, it's clear that there's always action and plenty of fun when I'm around. Always in search of the unique, individual, and unforgettable. It can't be exciting enough, and "can't be done" is not in my vocabulary. My open-minded and positive nature allows me to make the best of everything and make anything possible. Before I started diving or concurrently, I participated in kart racing championships. Even then, my motto was: Faster, better, and always in the fast lane.

At the age of 13, I immersed myself in the world of diving, and at a young age, I was fortunate that my parents took me to various places around the world. To this day, my goal is to explore as many destinations and cultures as possible. 

I have a Master's degree in International Tourism Management and have already traveled to countries such as the Maldives, Mexico, the Philippines, Mozambique, South Africa, the USA, the Dominican Republic, and Sri Lanka. During my travels, I gained valuable insights into the land, its people, and their cultures.

In 2019, I decided to turn my hobby into a profession. I quit my job and booked a flight to Egypt, specifically to Hurghada. In the first two months, I completed my diving instructor training and have been working as a diving instructor and guide ever since.

A few years ago, I set another goal for myself, namely the founding of my own travel agency. It brings me immense joy to share my passion for diving and travel. With the founding of NiCe Dive & Trips in 2021, I achieved a personal goal that I am incredibly proud of.

My team is unique! Comprising experienced diving instructors, cheerful, quality-conscious, and strong personalities.

We all aim to discover new things in the deep blue...

In short, you're in the right place with us if you're looking for something special, extraordinary, and individual.

All-in-one with NiCe Dive & Trips!

Nina Dittrich


The Multifaceted Journey of NiCe Dive & Trips: From Banking Career to a Diving and Travel Tour-Operator

2023 - WSO Certification for Sustainable Travel Agencies

In 2023, NiCe Dive & Trips became the first travel agency to be awarded the WSO Certification for Sustainable Travel Agencies. Since our establishment in 2021, we have been committed to not only creating unforgettable moments through unique and exclusive travel experiences but also actively contributing to the protection of biodiversity. In collaboration with the World Sustainability Foundation "Friend of the Sea" and "Friend of the Earth," we now plan special group trips annually, each including a project in the destination area that we support during the journey.

2023 - first group trips in Saudi-Arabia

In 2023, NiCe Dive & Trips celebrated its debut as a group travel organizer. From the outset, we've specialized in unique journeys away from mass tourism. Therefore, it was natural for us to organize our first group trip to Saudi Arabia – an unusual destination that sparked significant interest. This journey was a resounding success and marked a milestone as we were among the pioneers to offer and successfully execute a group trip to Saudi Arabia, including a land stay, without having previously conducted a trial visit to the country

2021 & 2022 - individual journeys with personalized care

In 2021 and 2022, NiCe Dive & Trips embarked on its inaugural individual journeys with personalized care. With Nina continuing to reside in Egypt and commuting between this country and Austria, we conducted our first individual trips in Hurghada and its surroundings. We provided personalized assistance to travelers on-site in Hurghada, becoming an integral part of their vacation experience. Leveraging Nina's qualifications as a diving instructor, we also had the opportunity to personally and leisurely train new divers in small groups.

2021 - NiCe Dive & Trips is founded

In July 2021, NiCe Dive & Trips was founded as a GmbH by Nina Dittrich and officially registered in the event organizer registry. This initiative stemmed from Nina's passion for diving and her diverse experiences abroad. Her aim is to share the fascination of diving with others and provide unforgettable travel experiences in various countries.

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Since the age of 13, Nina has been diving, cultivating her passion for the underwater world from a young age. In 2019 Nina made the decision to turn my hobby into a profession. I quit my job and flew to Egypt, specifically to Hurghada. There, I successfully completed my Open Water Scuba Instructor training within the first two months. Prior to this, I had been working as an Assistant Instructor for several years. Since then, I have been actively working as a diving instructor and guide, a role I continue to fulfill to this day.

2014 – 2016
Master of Arts
International Tourismmanagement

In 2014 to 2016, Nina pursued her Master of Arts in International TourismManagement at the Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz. Her passion for tourism has been with her since early years, leading her to delve deeper into the field through academic pursuits. During Nina´s studies, she gained comprehensive knowledge in areas such as personnel management, product management, business law, and controlling. A particular focus was placed on scenario development for shaping the future distribution mix for tourism products. This education was a significant step for her to further expand her expertise in the field of tourism and to continuously advance her skills.

2012 – 2014
Bachelor of Arts 

During Nina´s Bachelor's studies in Tourism Management at the Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz, she deepened her knowledge of the tourism industry. Throughout this period, she acquired comprehensive expertise in tourism marketing, destination management, business administration, as well as finance and investment. One notable project during her studies was the development of a business plan for a themed restaurant named "Stinking Rose." This education laid the groundwork for my subsequent professional development.

2012 - 2014
Diplom - Cultural and Conference Assistant

During 2012 to 2014, Nina underwent training as a Cultural and Conference Assistant at the College for Economic Professions in Lower Austria. This two-year program focused on cultural and congress management, equipping her with extensive knowledge across various areas including conference management, project management, tourism and leisure economics, tourism management, and business administration.

At the age of 13, Nina obtained my Open Water Diver certification

With the age of 13, Nina immersed herself into the captivating world of diving when her parents were searching for a family hobby. This marked the beginning of her wonderful journey, affording her the opportunity to explore various destinations around the globe from a young age. "Many tanks to my parents' adventurous spirit, I had the privilege of visiting countries such as the Maldives, Mexico, the Philippines, Mozambique, South Africa, the USA, the Dominican Republic, and Sri Lanka." Each of these trips was not only an adventure but also a chance to discover the diversity of the world and to encounter different cultures.

Professional career

In addition to my studies and my involvement in the tourism industry, I also gained experience in the banking sector. These were exciting years during which I gathered valuable experiences and learned a lot. However, ultimately, in 2029, I made the decision to draw a line and dedicate myself fully to my passion.

2018 - 2019 - Process and Product Manager at Raiffeisenlandesbank

In my role as a Process and Product Manager (Financing) at Raiffeisenlandesbank Lower Austria-Vienna, I was responsible for designing and continuously optimizing business processes. My focus was on developing efficient processes with a high degree of automation, collaborating closely with internal departments, particularly risk management. Additionally, I supported Raiffeisen banks and cooperative partners to ensure their requirements and needs were met optimally.

2012 - 2018 - Group Leader and Quality Manager at BAWAG P.S.K.

During my tenure at BAWAG P.S.K, an Austrian bank, I played a significant role in leading the receivables management department. My responsibilities included supervising a team of 27 employees and coordinating workflow processes. I was accountable for coaching, motivating, and conducting employee performance reviews. Furthermore, I implemented process optimizations and contributed to the expansion of receivables management software, including creating test cases and conducting end-user perspective tests.

2012 - 2018 - Entry into the Family Business

During my time as an Executive Assistant at EOS Data Systems GmbH, our family business, I played a significant role in efficiently organizing and coordinating schedules. Additionally, I actively contributed to the creation of high-quality presentations and documents to support the executive management in their decision-making processes. Furthermore, I led the preparation for tax matters, making a substantial contribution to the smooth operation of the company management.

Nina NiCe Dive & Trtips
Nina Inhaberin von NiCe Dive & Trips
NiCe Dive & Trips Nina Dittrich
Nina NiCe Dive & Trips

Our Vision

We aspire to be a pioneering force in sustainable tourism by creating travel experiences that not only provide unique adventures for our customers but also make a significant contribution to the protection of our environment and the support of local communities.

At NiCe Dive & Trips, we believe in a world where travel means not only discovery and joy but also leaves a positive footprint. Our goal is to preserve the natural beauty of our planet through transparent sustainability practices and carefully selected partners, all while strengthening awareness of environmental responsibility.

We envision a future where travel not only sparks a sense of adventure but also serves as inspiration for how travel and conservation can coexist in perfect harmony.

Discover. Protect. Enjoy.

What sets us apart:

Our Motivation:

Our work is our passion and a positive driving force for each new day. We see challenges as opportunities that lead to achieving new goals.

Our Customers:

Our customers include those who seek unforgettable experiences and are always in search of the extraordinary. We are reliable, loyal, and focused on making the impossible possible. We highly value the opportunity to craft personalized experiences for our customers.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

At NiCe Dive & Trips, you will be guided by professional diving instructors who have worked as dive guides in various destinations within the diving industry and have undergone thorough tourism training. It's like getting an "All-In-One" experience at NiCe Dive & Trips.

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