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Eco Trips with NiCe Dive & Trips

Discover. Protect. Enjoy. 

Our Philosophy

At NiCe Dive & Trips, we firmly believe that travel offers a unique opportunity not only to experience the beauty of our world but also to actively contribute to its preservation.

Our philosophy is built on the pillars of nature conservation, supporting local communities, responsible wildlife observation, education and awareness, and reducing single-use plastic.

Travel should not only provide unforgettable experiences but also have a positive impact on the environment and the local people.

At NiCe Dive & Trips, sustainability isn't a fleeting trend but an unwavering commitment. We take immense pride in actively contributing to crafting travel experiences that are not just remarkable but also environmentally conscious, wildlife-friendly, and socially responsible.

Our guiding principle, "Discover. Protect. Enjoy.", embodies our belief that travel transcends mere exploration; it's an active pledge to safeguard the marvels of our world.

We invite you to prioritize sustainability in your travels, putting the protection of our environment at the forefront. Make a statement for environmental conservation while simultaneously enjoying unforgettable experiences. If everyone contributes, we can collectively achieve greatness.

eco travel

What we do.

To ensure that travel has minimal impact on the environment and does not endanger animals and nature, we undertake the following initiatives.

Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea®

Friend of the Sea is a reputable international certification organization dedicated to the protection of the marine environment. They apply rigorous standards for ecological and social responsibility, assisting both consumers and businesses in identifying sustainable seafood products and minimizing environmental impacts.

Friend of the Earth

Friend of the Earth®

Friend of the Earth is a renowned international certification organization committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Through its projects and programs, the organization contributes to minimizing the environmental impact of agricultural operations and promoting the conservation of natural resources.

Eco travel guide

Travel Guide 

To travel sustainably, it doesn't require significant efforts, but rather a few small changes in behavior. Here are some recommendations and tips on how you can contribute to making your journey more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

eco webinars

Eco trips - travel inspirations

We have compiled a few suggestions for sustainable travel for you. However, these are just a small selection of the possibilities.

Collaboration with the World Sustainability Foundation

Friend of the Sea 
Friend of the Earth

World Sustainability Foundation

The World Sustainability Foundation (WSF) is a non-profit branch of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO), initiated by Paolo Bray, the current President of WSF, in 2014.

Since 2022, the World Sustainability Foundation has been dedicated to global social solidarity and environmental protection. Its primary goal is to protect and enhance the environment by promoting a culture of sustainable development and conducting online awareness campaigns.

WSF is committed to social responsibility by enhancing land value and advocating for the protection of marine and land resources and habitats. Additionally, it actively engages in the development of campaigns for the protection of endangered species.

To achieve these goals, the foundation is building a network of states, institutions, research centers, universities, and companies certified with the Friend of the Sea® or Friend of the Earth® seals.

In summary, the World Sustainability Foundation protects critical habitats and endangered species worldwide through the sustainability certifications of Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth, along with associated protection and awareness projects.

Mario Passoni

Head of Conservation projects at the World Sustainability Foundation.

Mario is a naturalist who has worked for many years as a nature guide around the world, including the Maldives, Kenya, Mozambique, the Seychelles, and Nosy Be.

In the past, he has led projects for coral restoration and photo identification of manta rays, whale sharks, and sea turtles.

Today, Mario serves as the Project Manager for Conservation and Awareness at the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF).

Together with Mario Passoni, we organize journeys that not only provide enjoyment but also actively contribute to protecting our environment. Mario is not only personally present during these adventures but also shares his knowledge about local plants and animals with great enthusiasm. Throughout the journey, Mario conducts lectures and is eager to answer any questions. Mario's enthusiasm and commitment to making a positive environmental impact are more than evident and truly inspiring.

Nachhaltigkeit Reisebüro

We work closely with the environmental conservation organization, the World Sustainability Foundation (WSF), ensuring that a portion of the travel costs is directed as donations to selected conservation projects.

In this way, our customers actively contribute to the preservation of nature and the protection of endangered species.

The donations are specifically directed towards projects dedicated to environmental conservation and the preservation of unique flora and fauna in the regions visited.

These projects span from reforestation efforts in endangered forests to the protection of marine habitats and the rescue of endangered animal species.