Sustainable trips

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Travel expands our horizons, brings joy, unforgettable experiences, and serves as a welcome break from our daily routines. Exploring new countries and cultures provides fantastic experiences, offering new insights and creating special moments.

Unfortunately, the negative impact of global tourism on our environment often takes a back seat. The term sustainability is widely used, but it is often only minimally implemented. What does sustainable tourism mean, and how can one contribute to environmental protection without giving up travel?

Definition of "Sustainable Tourism":
According to the Environmental Database, sustainable tourism is defined as:
"Tourism is considered sustainable when it enables the use of all resources in a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, and biodiversity."

Eco-tourism, therefore, means traveling in harmony with nature, cultures, and local residents while fulfilling one's own tourist demands directly at the travel destination. This is also known as "gentle tourism." It means that each of us should focus on fundamental things such as deceleration, experiencing nature, and showing respect for cultures and other people.
Sustainable tourism thus demands a respectful handling of resources. It is about environmental protection, aiming to avoid any negative influences on nature and climate as much as possible to preserve biodiversity. Gentle tourism is equally essential for locals, contributing to financial stability and the creation and preservation of jobs.

At NiCe Dive & Trips, we view sustainable travel as our commitment and firmly believe that if everyone contributes to the preservation and protection of our environment, we can collectively achieve great things.

But how do we implement sustainable travel?
Our commitment to sustainability extends across all aspects of our activities as a travel organizer – from choosing eco-friendly flight options to supporting local communities and actively participating in nature conservation on-site.

Dive into a travel world where discovery, protection, and enjoyment go hand in hand. Learn more about our sustainable practices and how you can actively contribute to preserving the world we love.

Activity Selection

NiCe Dive & Trips places great emphasis on responsible wildlife observation practices to ensure that our customers can observe animals respectfully and without disturbance. Here are some of our measures regarding wildlife observations.

Non-disruptive Wildlife Observations

We offer wildlife observation activities that ensure animals are not disturbed or harassed. We exclusively organize tours with experienced and trained guides who are mindful of avoiding any form of disturbance to the environment.

Prevention of Capture and Exploitation

NiCe Dive & Trips does not support activities involving the capture or exploitation of animals. We are committed to the protection and freedom of wildlife and do not offer tours or activities that contradict these principles.

No Support for Tourist Attractions

We do not support tourist attractions that keep animals in captivity or exploit them, such as SeaWorld and similar organizations. Even upon proactive inquiry, we do not offer or sell such activities to our customers.

Environmentally Friendly Activities

We prioritize environmentally friendly activities to give our customers the opportunity to experience nature up close while minimizing environmental impact. These activities allow our customers to discover the natural beauty of the surroundings and actively participate in sustainable tourism.

Flight Booking

At NiCe Dive & Trips, we place a high value on environmentally friendly practices, especially when it comes to flight booking, to ensure that our travels are as sustainable as possible. Here are some of the measures we take in selecting and booking flights for our customers:

Nonstop Flights

We prefer booking nonstop flights whenever possible. This has several advantages, including reducing fuel consumption and minimizing environmental impact. Nonstop flights contribute to shortening flight routes, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing travel comfort.

Climate-Friendly Airlines

We prioritize working with airlines that actively promote environmentally friendly measures. This includes carbon offset programs and the use of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft. By collaborating with these airlines, we contribute to minimizing the ecological footprint of our travels and encourage the offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions.

Participation in Environmental Conservation Projects

At NiCe Dive & Trips, we go beyond the mere travel experience and actively engage in various environmental conservation projects. As a proud partner of Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth, we specifically support their projects aimed at preserving and restoring marine and land environments. From rescuing endangered species to promoting sustainable agriculture, we passionately advocate for the conservation of our precious ecosystems. Be a part of our efforts to protect the world, and discover how your journey with NiCe Dive & Trips becomes not only unforgettable but also meaningful.

Project Introductions

We inform our customers about ongoing conservation projects in the travel region and introduce them to various projects in which they can actively participate. This may include supporting reforestation projects, marine conservation initiatives, or wildlife protection measures.

Voluntary Participation

Our customers have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in environmental conservation projects. This allows them to make a direct contribution to nature conservation and actively protect the local environment.

NiCe Dive & Trips Group Trips

In the case of group trips organized and/or accompanied by NiCe Dive & Trips, it is particularly important to us that a portion of the travel cost is allocated for conservation efforts.


We ensure that a portion of the travel costs is directed as donations to selected conservation projects. This way, our customers actively contribute to the preservation of nature and the protection of endangered species. Transparency towards our customers is a given. We provide detailed information about the purpose of the donation and the benefits it brings.

Project selection

The donations are specifically directed towards projects dedicated to environmental protection and the preservation of the unique flora and fauna in the regions visited. These projects range from reforestation efforts in endangered forests to the protection of marine habitats and the rescue of endangered animal species."

Hotel booking

At NiCe Dive & Trips, we are committed to ensuring that our customers stay in environmentally friendly and sustainable accommodations. The following environmentally friendly hotel practices are particularly important to us in our selection:

Environmental Certifications

We place special emphasis on the environmental certifications of hotels. Accommodations certified by the World Sustainability Foundation are prioritized whenever available in the traveler's destination. These certificates serve as a sign of the accommodations' commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Local Accommodations

Before recommending large hotel chains, we consider local small hotels and resorts to support the local community. This allows travelers to directly promote local culture and economy, fostering authentic experiences.

Water Conservation

Water scarcity is a global issue, and therefore, we prefer accommodations that implement water-saving measures. This includes the use of water-efficient showerheads, low-flow toilet flushes, and the utilization of rainwater.

Waste Reduction

We prioritize accommodations that implement measures to reduce waste. This may involve providing recycling bins, avoiding single-use plastics, and promoting waste separation.

Local Transportation Options

At NiCe Dive & Trips, we actively encourage our customers and travelers to consider environmentally friendly transportation options. Here are some of the measures we take regarding the use of public transportation and eco-friendly modes of transport:

Public Transportation

We encourage our customers to use public transportation whenever feasible. The use of buses, trains, and other public modes of transportation contributes to reducing environmental impact, as these are generally more efficient and eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Modes of Transportation

Customers are encouraged to consider eco-friendly modes of transportation such as bicycles or electric vehicles, especially for short distances or exploration tours. These environmentally friendly means of transportation reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to environmental conservation.

Location-Specific Recommendations

We provide our customers with location-specific recommendations for environmentally friendly transportation. This may include the use of electric bicycles in urban areas or access to public transportation in rural regions.