NiCe Dive & Trips Travel Report
Diving Safari with the Golden Dolphin IV
25.08 - 01.09.022

Tauchsafari Golden Dolphin 4

Diving Safari by NiCe Dive & Trips
Dive Safari Ship: Golden Dolphin IV

The Golden Dolphin IV is the newest addition to the Golden Dolphin Safari World fleet. This impressive vessel features 14 air-conditioned cabins, each equipped with a bathroom (separate shower and toilet). The cabins are furnished with comfortable double beds or single beds. What was particularly pleasant was that even when the air conditioning was turned off before bedtime, the cabin maintained a pleasant temperature throughout the night, allowing for a restful sleep. This was especially noteworthy given that it was during Egypt's hottest month (August).

In total, the Golden Dolphin IV has 5 decks. The lower deck also houses cabins and a large salon where incredibly tasty meals are prepared—more on the culinary experience later. The main deck features the expansive dive deck, the dive platform, a room with comfortable seating, and additional cabins. The upper deck offers a very cozy outdoor area where guests can relax between dives and unwind in the evening. During our tour, this was the favorite spot for all guests. The upper deck also includes cabins with a beautiful view of the sea. The second upper deck can be used for various activities. 

The crew organized an Egyptian-themed evening with tea and coffee on this deck more than once. Since a large part of the second upper deck is sheltered from the wind, it is an ideal place to relax and stay protected from the cold during the cooler months. Lastly, there is the top deck, equipped with comfortable loungers, making it perfect for sun enthusiasts.

Briefing Golden Dolphin Tauchsafari

Briefings and Diving

On the day after our arrival on August 26, 2022, following a substantial breakfast, there were various briefings covering the week's plan, boat safety, and diving from the Zodiac. Our guides, Hazem and Essam, took ample time for these briefings, addressing all relevant points. Another crucial aspect covered was the exchange of filters for the compressors to ensure consistently high air quality. In our opinion, such detailed briefings are essential, and we appreciate that Golden Dolphin Safari World places value on these aspects. Dive site briefings were also always discussed in detail, outlining both Plan A and Plan B. This way, everyone knew the possibilities to consider in case underwater conditions changed.

Tauchsafari Oberdeck Grillen

Culinary Delights

Anyone who has been on a diving safari is likely familiar with the following routine:
eat - sleep - dive - repeat
Diving works up an appetite, and one looks forward to being served delicious meals. The Golden Dolphin went above and beyond in this regard. Kudos to the kitchen. The buffets were set up either in the salon or on the upper deck.

Both locations had their own special flair. Dining outdoors on the upper deck was particularly beautiful, as the atmosphere was simply stunning. What could be more delightful than enjoying breakfast outdoors with a view of the dive site after the early morning dive? The meals were also diverse and varied. For breakfast, there was always freshly baked bread, jam, omelets, cereals, and traditional Egyptian dishes. At lunch, we were treated to soups, meat and fish dishes, and fresh salads. Ahmed and Mido, the salon boys, were always very friendly, attentive, and took care of our well-being. For dinner, which also took the form of a buffet, there were freshly prepared fish, small and elegant appetizers, as well as salads, soups, and fresh bread. On Tuesday, there was the so-called Captain's Dinner. Unbelievable. The upper deck was lovingly arranged. The chef conjured up delicious lamb and many other different dishes (e.g., lasagna, chicken, vegetables). Noteworthy are the desserts: Fresh fruits like mangoes, melons, and tasty little cakes were freshly prepared daily.

Tauchsafari Golden Dolphin

Tour Itinerary:
Daedalus - Rocky Island - Zarbagad - St. Johns

After a chat in the Golden Dolphin office with Gabi, equipped with a packed lunch, we headed to Port Ghalib. After a pleasant 2 1/2-hour drive, we were warmly welcomed by the crew, completed the paperwork, and then relaxed on the upper deck with a refreshing drink.

07:30 AM - the captain started the engine, and we set off for our first dive spot. After informative and detailed boat, zodiac, and safety briefings, everyone was excited to get into the water.
Dive: Sha´ab Shona
Dive: Abu Dabbab
Dive: Abu Dabbab Night Dive

Promptly at 04:30 AM, just before our wake-up call at 05:30 AM, we arrived at Daedalus. We spent the entire day at this fascinating reef.
Dive: North/East
Dive: North/East
Dive: South Plateau
After dinner, with very calm seas, we continued to Rocky Island (about 10 hours).

Thanks to the excellent driving skills of our captain, we were well-rested and ready for another exciting day.
Dive: Rocky Island West Side
Dive: Rocky Island West Side
Dive: Zabargad

As we started the engine and headed to St. Johns the day before after the third dive (about 2 1/2 hours), we began our Early Morning Dive completely rested and full of joy.
Dive: Habili Ali
Dive: Gota Kebir
Dive: St Johns Cave
After dinner, we set course for Sataya, where we would have more exciting dives the next day.

On this day, we had 4 dives and snorkeling with dolphins. What more could one ask for?
1st Dive: Sha´ab Maksur
Snorkeling with Dolphins at Dolphin Reef
2nd Dive: Sha´ab Claudio
3rd + 4th Dive: Galawa Soraya
After this sporty and adventurous day, we were surprised with a Captains Dinner in the evening.

After many walls, caves, and thrilling dives, the plan for this day included one last drop-off and, to conclude, a relaxed dive.
Dive: Elphinestone
Dive: Sha´ab Shona

We spent the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the port of Port Ghalib. After our breakfast and an incredibly beautiful and unforgettable week, some headed back to their home country, while others looked forward to another week on the Golden Dolphin IV.

Captains Dinner Tauchsafari


For those who prefer to spend their diving holiday on a large and comfortable ship tailored to the needs of divers, the Golden Dolphin IV is definitely worth considering. We were more than satisfied and can only say that everything was harmonious: an absolutely professional and helpful crew, an experienced and competent captain, excellent chefs, and more than experienced and fun dive guides.

Thank you for the wonderful week - we are already looking forward to our next tour with you.

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