An exclusive haven for divers and non-divers

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." - Confucius

The Rocky Valley Diver Camp, located approximately 14 kilometers from El Quseir, is an absolute paradise for those seeking tranquility and nature lovers.

In times of daily stress and hustle, there is hardly any time for oneself. That's why we, the NiCe Dive & Trips team, are always searching for places where our customers or guests can enjoy the luxury of peace and relaxation.

Our visit to the Rocky Valley Divers Camp

Early in the morning, we set out from Hurghada to the Rocky Valley Divers Camp, near the small town of El Quseir. As we arrived, we were overwhelmed by a magical atmosphere and warmly greeted by Hassan, the owner. We sat in the small restaurant, where we were treated to a delicious snack and refreshing drinks.

The camp is incredibly lovingly furnished and free from any frills. This is what makes the stay truly special. Straw tents, where guests can sleep, are located right on the beach. Each tent contains only a bed with a mosquito net and a small table. In front of the "door," each straw tent has two loungers, ensuring relaxation. ... and what could be more beautiful than waking up in the morning and having the sea right in front of your eyes. Only a few steps separate the sleeping place from the sea.

Tip: We each brought a sleeping bag and slept on the loungers outside our tent. At four in the morning, we discovered the first rays of the sun on the sea. There was no more sleeping, just enjoying. The sound of the waves and the incredibly magical sunrise at this place are simply beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

Diving: The camp also has a house reef that invites divers to explore with multiple dives. The reef can be dived shallow, and those who like to go deeper also have the opportunity (+40 meters). Initially, the bottom is gravelly before turning into sand. The reef wall is adorned with hard and soft corals, and the variety of fish is impressive. You prepare for the dive right on the beach, and the entrance to the sea is only a few meters away.

Campfire & Delicious Food

As the sun set, dinner was prepared in the kitchen and on the grill. We enjoyed the delicious meal (pasta, chicken, salads, rice, etc.) at a large communal table. We spent our dinner with the remaining guests and Hassan. It was super cozy, and we relaxed together with a glass of wine. Another wonderful moment was the campfire. Just about four meters from the sea, we made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed the crackling of the fire and the sound of the waves.

A camp for connoisseurs and nature lovers

The camp is suitable for those who like to disconnect and forget about everyday life. Anyone who wants to relax away from the crowds and enjoy an exclusive, simple, and therefore unforgettable atmosphere is absolutely in the right place.

At this location, nature and tranquility come first.
Materialism does not exist here.

Luxury in the form of relaxation, peace, and coziness is 100% guaranteed.

Exclusive group trips

Both non-diver groups and diving schools, clubs, and associations can experience an unforgettable diving vacation at this camp. The Rocky Valley Divers Camp offers groups the opportunity to rent the entire camp. This means that there will be no other guests in the camp during your stay. It's ideal if you want to be truly alone with your own group and enjoy absolute privacy. Instead of being alone in your hotel room at night, you can gather with your group around the campfire and unwind. The camp is spacious, providing many different lounging and seating areas, ensuring that, despite being in a group, you'll still have plenty of time for yourself.

Available accommodations:

  • 22 sleeping spaces in bungalows (including private bathroom and terrace)
  • 6 sleeping spaces in Bedouin tents

The camp also features:

  • A restaurant
  • A kitchen
  • Toilets, showers
  • Multiple relaxation areas with a spectacular view of the Red Sea and the mountains of the desert.
  • A large campfire pit

The Mandarah Restaurant:

  • Overlooking the Red Sea
  • Delightful Egyptian dishes, including fresh fish, meat, and a variety of salads
  • Authentic Bedouin cuisine
  • Games available: card games, dominoes, chess
  • A small library

Diving at the House Reef:

  • Abu Sawatir (Rocky Valley)
  • Gravelly & sandy bottom
  • 1 meter to a depth of +40 meters
  • Direct beach access
  • Also ideal for courses + try dives

Surrounding Reefs:

  • Approximately 25-30 dive sites easily accessible by jeep
  • A selection of reefs:
    • Abu Dabab
    • Dolphin House
    • Beith Goha
    • Maklouf


  • Dive and snorkeling excursions
  • Long beach walks - in the north and south, there are kilometers of coastline without large hotels/resorts
  • Desert safari
  • Visit to a Bedouin village
  • Excursion to El Quseir
  • Or simply enjoy the cozy and relaxing atmosphere in the camp, letting your soul unwind.
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Rocky Valley Divers Camp El Quseir
Sunrise Red Sea
Camp Tauchen
Abendessen im Camp El Quseir
Sonnenaufgang Divers Camp
Eco Lodge Camp El Quseir
Restaurant Camp El Quseir
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Hausriff Camp El Quseir
Vollmond Camp
Hausriff Rocky Valley
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Bungalow Camp Rocky Valley
Rocky Valley Divers Camp